January Orientation 


Welcome to Geneseo. Whether you are a member of the Class of 2019 or a transfer student, January Orientation is designed to introduce you to Geneseo. You'll have an opportunity to meet with faculty and staff and begin to discuss your academic career and learn about the expectations of a Geneseo student, register for spring classes, meet with current students, and begin to build friendships through the offered activities at Orientation.

The Orientation staff encourages you to take full advantage of all that Orientation has to offer, including meeting your Orientation Advisor and fully participating in all events. We are excited to welcome you to our community, help ease your transition, and show you the many opportunities at Geneseo. 

Important Dates

January 11, 2016           
Deadline to register for January Orientation
January 14, 2016             
Residence Hall Move-In for new students between 9:00am and 2:00pm
January 14, 2016
New Student Orientation program begins for residential students (off-campus and commuters are welcomed)
January 15, 2016New Student Orientation 
January 18, 2016
Martin Luther King Holiday (no classes)
January 19, 2016
Classes begin

Registering for Orientation- Click here to Register

Registration for January Orientation is now open. All students are required to check in for Orientation on Friday, January 15, 2016 between at 7:30am-8:30am  in Wadsworth Auditorium.

January orientation is designed to introduce new students and their families to campus life and academic expectations.  Each student will have an appointment with a faculty advisor to register for spring classes. Students should plan to attend the entire program and all events.   

On-Campus Students will begin the orientation program on Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 5:00pm in the MacVittie College Ballroom.   Meeting and programs will begin on this date and will continue through Saturday, January 16, 2016.  

Off-Campus Students are welcome to attend the program beginning on Thursday, January 14 and may do so by indicating this on the orientation reservation form.  Please note the all-college orientation program will be held on Friday, January 15, 2016.  

If you do not attend orientation, your class schedule will be assigned by the Dean of the College.

The orientation fee of $75.00 includes materials, programs, advising, and meals for students. The deadline for orientation registration is January 11, 2016.  

You cannot register for Orientation until you have paid your college deposit and received the Admissions Office confirmation letter that contains your Geneseo email address and ID number; and until you have affirmed the Student Code of Conduct.


 Affirm the Code of Conduct

Every student at SUNY Geneseo is expected to adhere to the College’s Code of Conduct. New students cannot register for classes until they have read and affirmed the Code.  The link below will take you to an abbreviated version of Geneseo’s Code of Conduct and instructions for affirmation.

You will need your Geneseo ID number to log into the Knightweb system to complete this procedure. Your ID is in the letter that you received from the Admissions Office after submitting your deposit to Geneseo.

After logging in to Knightweb, be sure to change your password and write down your new one in a safe place as you’ll be using it in the future.

Affirm the Code of Conduct

 Family Participation

Spring 2016 Orientation Schedule-Click HERE!

We strongly encourage family members to attend January Orientation with their student.  The more you understand about the college experience, the more helpful you will be to your student during his/her transition.

Family members can expect to gain an increased familiarity with campus life at Geneseo and be introduced to some of the faculty, staff and students who teach, advise, and guide students at Geneseo.  Information about residence life, campus safety and security, academic support services, student health care, community expectations, and tips on how to support students during their (and your) transition to college will also be provided at Family Orientation. 

Should you need overnight accommodations, please visit the following sites for information about local accommodations.  http://geneseony.com or http://fingerlakeswest.com.

The orientation cost for family members or guests is $25.00 per person and includes orientation materials, a continential breakfast and lunch on Friday, January 15.  This year the family program will be on Friday, January 15.   Dinner is on your own on Thursday, January 14 (students dine together as part of their orientation program).  If you plan to attend with your student, please indicate this on the reservation form. 

What to Expect

During orientation, you will:
  • Register for your spring classes
  • Meet with faculty advisors who can answer your questions about majors, core requirements, etc.
  • Meet other new and transfer students at Geneseo
  • Meet Geneseo faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Learn about campus life from current Geneseo students
  • Explore ways to get involved in campus activities
  • Become familiar with Geneseo's campus
  • Get your Geneseo student ID card
  • Increase your confidence about entering Geneseo


You can find the Spring 2016 Orientation Schedule- HERE

Don't miss out on the this years Fantastic Friday Knight Tailgate event! Bundle in blue and join us for some great food and giveaways before we cheer on our  Ice Knights! 

What to Bring

Students should bring a list of the courses they are currently taking or have taken recently.  Be sure to write down the college, the course number, credit hours, and the course title.  We may not have this most recent information in your folder, so bringing this list with you will be helpful when you talk to your advisor.  (Your official transcripts should be sent directly to Geneseo's Registrar Office, Erwin 102.)

Residential students will move into their residence halls on Thursday, January 14, beginning at 9:00am. You will receive you housing assignment electronically at the beginning of January. When you arrive to campus you will go directly to your assigned residence hall and move your items into your assigned room.   After attending orientation you will have a few days to set up your room, purchase your books, and explore the campus and village before classes begin on Tuesday, January 19.


 What to do Before You Arrive

Every student must affirm the college's Code of Conduct. Students must complete this affirmation before registering for classes, so you should read the Code and do the survey before arriving on campus. Instructions are listed above. You will want to take a look at the course offerings for spring semester. You can do this through KnightWeb or by going to The Master Schedule.  Don't try to construct a schedule - you'll be doing that with your advisor - but write down some courses that interest you (especially an INTD105).  The website for the Dean of the College also has a link to the College Bulletin, which provides information on general education courses and requirements for specific majors.

Foreign Language Exam

If there is a chance you will be taking a foreign language course at Geneseo - to fulfill the graduation requirement, as part of a major/minor, or as an elective - you should plan to take the placement exam. Placement exams will be given on Friday, January 15th during the hours of 8am-4pm in Milne 104. For more information on the placement exams, see the Department of Languages and Literatures website (click on Academics) or call the department at (585) 245-5247.

Please note that the French, Spanish, and German tests are computerized.  Paper versions are available for Italian and Latin. 

Students and Family Members with Disabilities

SUNY Geneseo would like to ensure that no individual with a disability is excluded, denied access, or otherwise treated differently from any other individual attending Orientation.  Please contact us about accommodations at your earliest convenience, but no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of your orientation session, to give us sufficient time to make appropriate arrangements.  Contact the Office of New Student Programs at orientation@geneseo.edu or (585) 245-5852.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I cannot attend Orientation?

  If you cannot attend January Orientation, you will need to contact the Dean of the College at (585) 245-5541  to work out your class schedule in order to start classes on Tuesday, January 19th.  

Q:  If my plans change, is it possible to get a refund of the Orientation fees?

  Refunds are possible if your plans change. Written notice one week prior to orientation is required. Emergency situations will be reviewed by the Director of New Student Programs.  There will be a 10% handling fee deducted for refunds requested after January 1. Refunds can be requested online by filling out the Refund Request Form.

Q:  What if I am unable to pay the Orientation fee?

  Students who demonstrate financial need (based on your FAFSA) should contact us to discuss alternative funding for Orientation. You may reach us by calling (585) 245-5852.

Contact Us

Office of New Student Programs
220 Erwin Hall 
(585) 245-5852