Join the Geneseo Class of 2017 Word Skill game!

What is Word Skill?

Word Skill is similar to SCRABBLE and Words with Friends, except:

  • You can play against a lot of people (even thousands) in one game
  • All players have the same letters in each round.
  • You get points for your word just as you do in similar games, but only the best word played stays on the boardY
  • You are timed: you have two minutes and 30 seconds (2:30) from the time you see your letters to play your word.
  • You get fresh letters every round.

Why should I play?

  • It's fun
  • You'll get to know Geneseo faculty, staff and students
  • You have the opportunity to win prizes - all players will receive a Geneseo key tag and the top 10 Class of 2017 players with the highest score will win an additional prize!

How Do I Play?

1.  Download Work Skill
For iPhone and iPad

For Android

For Facebook

2.  Select PLAY FRIEND

3.  Select OPEN GAMES

4.  Enter GENESEO2017 for the Game ID and press JOIN

5. Play your word!

What if the game already started?

If you join in the middle of the game, that's OK!  You can still have fun and still win a prize!


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