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Family Weekendfamily weekend
September 25-26, 2015

Every fall, Family Weekend provides a chance for parents to visit students for a fun-filled weekend on the Geneseo campus. This is a great time for families to experience college through their student's eyes, and for students to show their parents why they love Geneseo.

You'll have the opportunity to...
• Explore the campus and meet some of Geneseo's faculty and administrators;
• take part in a variety of campus activities -- including athletic events, meals, workshops and entertainment;

• Learn valuable information from President Denise A Battles and staff members of student and campus life.

The weekend is designed to help you discover what Geneseo has to offer, in and out of the classroom, and learn about the organizations, people, and places that have become home to your student.

Registration will open on or around August 17.  If you have questions, please call 585-245-5506 or send an e-mail to