Residence Hall Programs

Please call or email Pathways if you'd like us to present one of our 30 minute educational programs in your residence hall.

We can provide flyers to help you advertise.


Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)

AOD advocates who are trained in BASICS and work under AOD coordinator Sarah Covell may provide information on harm-reduction strategies concerning alcohol and other drugs. The program also focuses on educating students about how alcohol and other drugs may effect the body.

Campus and Community Resources 

This program provides in-depth information about campus and community resources available to Geneseo students, including transportation options, financial services (e.g., local banks), academic and library resources, and health and counseling services. This program is particularly relevant for students new to campus.


Learning About Housing Options: Official Programs and Informal Student Support 

For students, by students - all the information we wish we knew! Through this program, students will learn the basics of on-campus living options and about official college educational workshops focused on housing topics such as tenants' rights, village ordinances, and apartment maintenance. In addition, this program considers informal student experiences regarding housing expeirences, inlcuding criteria to consider when looking for a place off-campus, finances, communicating with landlords, leases, and resources.


Career Services

This seminar will focus on the support and resources available through Geneseo's Career Services. The program will be broken down into three main sections: career planning, graduate school advising, and job search advising. We will discuss how to utilize Geneseo's Career Services depending on year in college, goals, and skills. Electronic copies of information and resources will be available along with a hard copy handout outlining the information discussed.


Constructive Responses to Sexual Assault Disclosures

Supportive responses from others may buffer effects of post-traumatic stress disorder in sexual assault victims.  This program aims to discuss the social reactions and specific responses that people may demonstrate toward sexual assault victims.  Types of positive and negative reactions will be discussed in the program as well as examples of these reactions.


Stress Management

This seminar will focus on different types of stress management approaches. Basic study skills will covered, including self-management, time management, and strategies for note-taking and test-taking. We will also discuss ways to alleviate stress, such as taking time to do things you enjoy, and we will provide ideas for places and activities on- and off-campus to escape stress. Handouts with lists of information and resources will be provided.


Registration for New Students

The registration program is intended for freshman or new transfers. The program will discuss how to navigate Knightweb, how to plan a schedule, and how to add/drop classes in the most efficient manner.


Conflict Management

In this program, students will develop skills to address interpersonal conflicts. Students will discuss situations when conflict resolution is required and identify the difficulties associated with engaging the problem. We will also talk about the different ways in which to address interpersonal conflicts, and will practice identifying these styles of approach. Students will learn about the importance of active listening and ways in which to develop interpersonal communication skills. Finally, students will participate in role play activities in order to practice the skills they have learned. The program concludes with a discussion of the subjects addressed in the program, and ways to use the developed skills in daily life


Sexual Consent

Lack of mutual sexual consent is the defining feature of any sexual assault. This program will address the issue of sexual assault on our campus. An interactive game will be used to explore different perspectives on what consent involves. The program also will feature a humorous film clip illustrating the lighter side of sexual consent.


Please note that these programs are developed by students for students; programs are neither endorsed nor sponsored by officials on campus.