Faculty & Staff


academic interests

Edgar, Stacey L
Associate Professor

Everett, Theodore J
Professor & Chair
Filice, Carlo
Levy, David
Associate Professor


Dr. Levy's primary research interest is in Ancient Greek Philosophy, with a particular focus on Plato's understanding of proper philosophical method and its relation to moral development. He also maintains an active research program in business ethics, often collaborating with Professor of Accounting Mark Mitschow.

Roth, Amanda 
Assistant Professor


Amanda Roth is an assistant professor in philosophy and women's studies and is new to Geneseo as of fall 2014.  She attended Lafayette College as an undergraduate and the University of Michigan for her Ph.D.  Her main areas of specialization include: Moral & Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Feminist Philosophy, and Gender & Sexuality. 

Savage, Heidi
Assistant Professor


Dr. Heidi Savage works mainly on philosophy of language, but also has interests in personal identity, logic, feminism, and epistemic rationality, and metaphysics generally. Savage believes that philosophy is the most revolutionary of disciplines, since within philosophy, any and all questions are tolerated, and open for debate and discussion.

Savellos, Elias

Soffer, Walter

Walt Soffer is Professor of Philosophy and recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.  He has authored numerous articles and a book on Descartes, FROM SCIENCE TO SUBJECTIVITY: An Interpretation of Descartes's Meditations, and Co-edited THE CRISIS OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY: A Straussian Perspective. He has also written on political philosophy, ethics, philosophy of religion, and phenomenology.