Upcoming Events






September 11


Information meeting for International Relations and Political Science students.  Free pizza and beverages.

Newton 203




October 10-13

Model U.N. trip to Yale University


October 16-18  

Political Affairs Club trip to Washington, D.C.

 November 4 4:00

Cameron Munter, former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, will talk on "Three Decades on the Front Lines: Tales of the Foreign Service"


 College Union Ballroom


December 04 2:30

Jennifer Thompson and William Cotton:
Case of mistaken identify. Jennifer Thompson was a victim of sexual violence, identified Ronald Cotton as the perpetrator.  Cotton was convicted, served 11 years, then proven innocent by DNA testing.  Jennifer Thompson and Ronald Cotton became friends.  Story of crime, justice, (mis)perception, memory, race, forgiveness, and redemption.


College Union Ballroom




Oct. 30 through Nov. 3, 2013 

Student Conference on U.S. Affairs at West Point (SCUSA). The theme of the 2013 conference is " “Navigating Demographic Flows: Population, Power, and Policy.”." SCUSA is designed to provide a premiere educational experience for student delegates offering the opportunity to interact both individually and in group settings with foreign policy experts and to learn from each other. Delegates gain a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding foreign policy development.