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September 3


Information meeting for International Relations and Political Science students.  Free pizza and beverages.

Welles 24

 September 17


 Michael Hanmer’95  — Professor of Political Science, University of Maryland.Voter Identification Laws and Voting

 Newton 201

 September 22 4:00 Matt Walter’94, President of Republican State Leadership Committee--Congressional Elections Newton 201
September 24

 Rich Pacelle, Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee, September 24, Newton 201, 2:30. Decision Making by the Modern Supreme Court

 Newton 201

September 25-28  

Political Affairs Club and International Relations Club trip to Washington, D.C.

 October 1 2:30

 David Shambaugh, Professor of Political Science, George Washington University—  China Goes Global: The Partial Power.


 Newton 204







 October 8 2:30 

Bruce Frohnen—Ohio Northern University, Doty 300,  “Normalcy in Politics

 Doty 300
Oct. 30 through Nov. 3, 2013 

Student Conference on U.S. Affairs at West Point (SCUSA). The theme of the 2013 conference is " “Navigating Demographic Flows: Population, Power, and Policy.”." SCUSA is designed to provide a premiere educational experience for student delegates offering the opportunity to interact both individually and in group settings with foreign policy experts and to learn from each other. Delegates gain a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding foreign policy development.