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  • Public opinion
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Jeff Koch

Professor & Chair of

Political Science & International Relations

Welles 2B
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Jeff Koch has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1989.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D.; University of Michigan, Political Science
  • M.A.; University of Connecticut
  • B.A.; Indiana University of Pennsylvania


  • Visiting Assistant Professor: University of California, Riverside

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Being Certain versus Being Right: Cost-Benefit and Cognitivist Theories of Citizen Certainty of Candidates’ Ideological Orientations Political Behavior
  • Does Individual-Level Political Cynicism lead to Third Party Support American Politics Research
  • Follow the Leader?: The Effects of Presidential Support on Representatives’ Electoral Fortunes Journal of Politics
  • Candidate Gender and Citizens' Perceptions of House Candidates' Ideological Orientations American Journal of Political Science
  • When Parties and Candidates Collide: Citizen Perception of House Candidates’ Positions on Abortion Public Opinion Quarterly
  • Do Voters’ Apply Ideological Gender Stereotypes to Senate Candidates? Journal of Politics <
  • Candidate Status, Assessments of Presidential Performance, and Voting for the U.S. Senate Electoral Studies
Spring 2016 Classes

INTD 188:
Exp:JFEW Global Seminar

    PLSC 311:
    Public Opinion & Mass Media

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      An examination of American political attitudes and opinions relevant to the functioning of democratic government. Consideration will be given to the extent that the American public fulfills the requir
      ements of democratic theory. Topics include mass media and public opinion, American tolerance for dissent, trust in government, survey research, political efficacy, presidential approval ratings, political ideologies, and partisan change. The determinants of political attitudes and important trends in public opinion will be examined. Prerequisites: PLSC 110 or permission of instructor. Offered when demand is sufficient
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    PLSC 390:

      This course will focus on a special topic within the discipline of Political Science of the instructor's choosing. Students will produce a research paper, and participate in weekly discussions on rea
      dings assigned by the instrucotr. Limited to 20 students. Prerequisites: PLSC 110, PLSC 120, PLSC 140, PLSC 230, PLSC 251, and senior standing.
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