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  • American social policy, with emphasis on state and local government
  • Non-profit responses to poverty.

Marilyn Klotz

Assistant Professor of

Political Science

Welles Hall 3A
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Marilyn Klotz has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2005.

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D, Indiana University Bloomington; Public Policy and Political Science
  • B.A, Swarthmore College; Political Science

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Meyer, Jack A., Nancy Bagby and Marilyn E. Klotz, 1996. "Welfare-To-Work in Indianapolis: A preliminary Evaluation." Economic and Social Research Institute, October.
  • Pirog, Maureen A., Marilyn E. Klotz and Katharine V. Byers, 1998. "Interstate Comparisons of Child Support Awards Using State Guidelines," Family Relations, Vol. 47, No. 3.
  • Sugioka, H., Bahamonde, C., Brackman, R., Hadley, K., and Klotz, M., 1999. "Final Report: 1998 Needs Analysis of Four Community Agencies serving the Poor in Bloomington, Indiana." Small City Conference Proceedings, 13, 3-12.
  • Klotz, Marilyn E., 2003, "Local Government and Community Social Service Providers as the Social Safety Net in Six Case Studies in a Midwestern State" in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in State and Local Government, eds. Michael Harris and Rhonda Kinney, Lexington Books, (Lexington Press, 2003).


  • Dean Johnson Student Research Grant Project Supervisor (Spring 2007)
  • Urban Affairs Association (Spring 2006) "Poor Relief Generosity in Indiana Townships"
  • National Association of Welfare Research and Statistics (Summer 2003) "Variations in Medicaid Cost-Containment Strategies Among New York State Counties" Marilyn E. Klotz, Glenn Gravino, Anne Wilder, and James Fatula.
  • Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (Winter 2001) "How Welfare Families and Community Social Service Providers View Local Government Poor Relief Providers in Indiana" Marilyn E. Klotz
  • American Political Science Association (Fall 2001) "Local Poor Relief Caseload and Spending Trends in Indiana, 1995-1998" Marilyn E. Klotz
  • Midwest Political Science Association (Spring 2001) Professionalization of Local Government Poor Relief Providers" Marilyn E. Klotz
  • Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (Fall 2000) "Local Government Response to Welfare Reform", Katharine V. Byers, Maureen A. Pirog, Marilyn E. Klotz and Paul B. Kirby
My Classes

Plsc 110:
S/U/American Politics

    View syllabus
    An analysis of the American system of government, focusing on the relationships among national government institutions and on intergovernmental relations among the nation, the states, and the cities.

Plsc 215:
Community,State & Regional Pol

    View syllabus
    A survey of the interrelationships between local governments, states, and metropolitan regions. Particular emphasis is focused on the key political and policy problems affecting intergovernmental cooperation and conflict, how such problems are developed into issues of national interest, and what alternatives are available for solutions. Also focuses upon specific policy issues such as taxation, environment, land use, structural reform, and transportation, which require interdisciplinary solutions in the federal system. Offered when demand is sufficient

Plsc 216:
Presidential Politics

    A study of contemporary presidential performance within the American political system. Particular attention is given to alternative chief executive choices and values in selecting appropriate courses of action in response to perceived public needs. Topics include political selection processes, political leadership, the presidential advisory system, the public policy presidency, the role of the press, and evaluating presidential power. Offered when demand is sufficient

Plsc 217:
Public Administration

    A general survey of public administration, including a comparative perspective on theories of bureaucracy, organization, and responsibility. Theories and principles are applied to functions of governmental agencies in implementing public policy with reference to management, personnel, budgeting, and reorganization. Offered once yearly

Plsc 314:
American Public Policy

    View syllabus
    An introduction to the policy-making process in American government with special emphasis on the development of national domestic and defense policies from World War II together with the analysis of decision approaches taken by the President, Cabinet, Congress, various federal agencies, and pressure groups. The reordering of national priorities is considered within the context of selected policy decisions, the participation of groups affected, and the implications for national goals. Prerequisites: PLSC 110 or PLSC 217 or permission of the instructor. Offered once yearly