Summer in Moscow

 May 24th - June 21st

Summer in Moscow

The Program

    Led for the third time by Prof. Robert Goeckel, former director of SUNY's program in Moscow , the program offers two three-credit courses during a one-month period in early summer 2008. Prof. Goeckel will teach one course (PLSC 291 Russia Yesterday and Today) providing an overview of Russian history – pre Revolutionary as well as Soviet – and analyzing the collapse of communism under Gorbachev. Changes under Yeltsin and Putin and current dilemmas of the transition will receive particular treatment. A second course (INTD 250 Russian Civilization) will be taught by a variety of professors from Moscow State University and will treat aspects of Russian civilization, such as Moscow 's development as a city, Moscow architecture, contemporary media and film, business culture in Russia , 19 th and 20 th C. Russian art, and religion in Russia . The format for the courses is intensive morning seminars followed by a wide variety of excursions and briefings which are scheduled in the afternoons and some evenings and provide the basis for ensuing student discussions. Both courses are 200-level and meet the requirements for majors in Political Science and International Relations; non-majors may apply one course toward the Social Science and Multicultural Core.

The Setting

    Political changes are reflected in the architecture and culture of Moscow: from its fortress Kremlin and Red Square to the Lubyanka KGB headquarters and Lenin's mausoleum; from beautiful onion-domes churches and monasteries to the modern restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior; from the wedding-cake skyscrapers of Stalin to the glistening glass towers of Russian “biznes”; from the narrow medieval streets to broad boulevards and modern subways; from the historic Bolshoi Theater and Moscow Conservatory to modernistic New Opera and avant-garde musical venues.

Moscow excursions include: the Kremlin (churches, Armory); Lenin's tomb and country estate; World War II museum and memorial; political cemetery of the Young Maidens Convent; KGB headquarters; Duma; Russian Orthodox Patriarch's headquarters and Danilovsky Monastery; Kolomenskoe Estate; New Tretyakov Art Gallery. St. Peterburg excursions include the Hermitage Museum , Peter's Summer Palace , Peter and Paul fortress, St. Isaac's cathedral, and White Nights festivities. A highlight of the program are briefings with leading officials at the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, US Embassy, Fulbright office, Russian Orthodox Church, business and policy experts. The cultural program includes the Moiseev folklore ensemble, an opera and ballet performance, a concert at the Moscow Conservatory, boat ride on the Moscow River , the Moscow circus and gala Georgian farewell dinner.

The Center for the US and Russia of SUNY, located in the Main Building of Moscow State University, will provide logistical support for instructors and students. An outstanding feature of the program is the intense contact with Russian students in the English program at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, who accompany the group on most excursions.


    There are no academic prerequisites for the program. All applicants need to be in good academic standing with no disciplinary record. Preference is given to Geneseo students, but students from other SUNY and non-SUNY institutions are welcome.


 Several preparatory meetings will be held on campus for students. Written information and advice will also be shared by Prof. Goeckel and Study Abroad staff. Arrangements on location will be handled Dr. Olga Zinovieva, program coordinator for SUNY at the Moscow center.


    Housing will be in shared rooms in the Main Building dormitory, close to the SUNY office, classrooms, and services of Moscow State University , and convenient to the subway and central Moscow . Weekday meals at class are included in the fee; other meals may be taken at minimal cost at the MSU cafeteria; modest restaurant meals cost 15-20 dollars each.

 Financial Aid

Students opting for both courses at six hours credit may be eligible for financial aid as full-time students. Contact the Financial Aid Office.

Application Deadline

February 15th or until full.