The Premedical Advisory Committee was established to facilitate SUNY Geneseo students getting into medical school.  Our main roles are:

  • inform students about what they need to do to get into medical school
  • advise students when they have questions about their preparation for medical school
  • answer questions about the process of applying to medical school
  • write letters of recommendation for students applying to medical school

For additional details on what the Premed Committee does, click here.


Premedical Advisory Committee:

  • PreMedical Advisory Committee Secretary, Cheryll Reynolds, part-time mornings, Biology Main Office, ISC332


Frequently asked questions:

 May I change my premed advisor?  Well, sort of!  You are more than welcome to visit (and get advice from) anyone on the committee at any time. You are not actually changing your advisor, but you are getting advice from additional people. You also may want to seek advice from people outside the committee:  other faculty, physicians that you know, students in medical school.  There is much help available online.

Does the premed advisor replace the advisor that has been assigned by the Dean's office?  NO!  Premed students have two advisors, one in their major (your official academic advisor) and also a Premed advisor.  It occasionally happens that students have the same advisor in both roles (if you happen to major in biology, chemistry, psychology or sociology and you happen to get a member of the Premedical Advisory Committee as your academic advisor), but generally this is not the case.