Medical schools want excellent students, students that will quickly learn the vast quantities of material that they want physicians to have.  Your ability as a student is primarily demonstrated by your GPA, but is also reflected in your recommendation letters from faculty, your MCAT scores, your choice of courses, and the courseloads you carried each semester.  For allopathic medical schools, the mean GPA of accepted students is over 3.5 and our experience is that a GPA below 3.3 is tough to overcome; for osteopathic schools, the numbers are slightly lower.  Medical schools also parse your grades different ways (science GPA, non-science GPA, GPA by year, etc.).  Since much of what you learn in medical school involves science, your science GPA should demonstrate that you can understand science. 

Note that if you take courses at other institutions, these grades are not included in your Geneseo GPA, but they will be used to calculate your GPA for your medical school application.