Nearly all medical schools require applicants to take a standardized test called the Medical College Aptitude Test.  The test has four components: one involves writing an essay and is graded on a letter scale between J (lowest) to T (highest), and the other three components (physical sciences, biological sciences and verbal reasoning) use multiple choice questions and are graded numerically from 1 to 15 with a mean score of around 8.  For allopathic schools, a competitive total for these three components is a score of 30, with no component below an 8; for osteopathic schools the number is several points lower. 

The MCAT exam is rigorous and students should plan on devoting a substantial amount of time preparing for it.  Most of our students utilize test preparation classes (e.g. Kaplan, Princeton Review), but some students prepare successfully on their own.  No matter how good your GPA is, you will not get into medical school unless you do well on this exam!