Presidential Search

The Successful Candidate

The successful candidate will embody many of the following qualifications and attributes:

  • Distinguished intellectual achievements with experience in and a deep understanding of undergraduate education in the liberal arts and the ability to inspire this community of scholars;

  • Successful experience as a strategic and inclusive leader; the ability to build strong management teams, delegate responsibility and authority, and execute large and ambitious plans with fiscal responsibility;

  • The personal confidence to lead, the humility to listen, the capacity to credit others for their contributions;

  • An ability to bring campus constituencies to actionable consensus; the ability to energize and inspire students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, Council members and external stakeholders; the capacity to articulate Geneseo’s mission and direction to all of its essential audiences;

  • An understanding of and passion for Geneseo’s liberal arts mission and a commitment to its culture and values;

  • An understanding of the value of integration between curricular and co-curricular programs;

  • Approachability and the desire for involvement in campus life and engagement with students, alumni, faculty, staff and the Community in which the College resides;

  • A careful listener who seeks to understand the viewpoints and concerns of others; a record of treating people with openness and fairness;

  • A personal commitment to and record of success in advancing diversity;

  • A leader who possesses the substance, strength and optimism to bring the Geneseo community through the essential choices of the next decade;

  • Proven success and an appetite for fundraising; the capacity to represent Geneseo compellingly to donors and to lead a substantial ongoing development campaign;

  • The ability to serve as a strong advocate for Geneseo at the System, State and Federal levels;

  • The ability to serve as a strong partner within the SUNY System, contributing to statewide goals and leveraging Geneseo’s strengths and shared resources.