PRISM, or Pursuing Rewards In the Study of Mathematics, recognizes and supports interest and achievement in mathematics. PRISM also encourages academic and social interaction between students and faculty. We attempt to have meetings, discussions, or events every week.


Here is just a little bit of what we do: We have "pizza pi" parties, club outings, a Thanksgiving Pi Day, REU/Graduate school discussions, design and sell math clothing, and hold mentoring workshops.


Math Clothing

PRISM sells Math apparel every semester! In the past, we have sold hoodies in the Fall, and tee-shirts in the Spring. All items will say Geneseo Mathematics, and some have fun Math puns as well, which we know you love so much. We will be selling sweatpants this year, and potentially long-sleeve tee-shirts and water bottles!! Look out for announcements/emails with details on what and when we are selling.