Academic Affairs

Download the Organizational Chart (PDF) of the Academic Affairs Division

Department Chairs, Deans and Secretaries (PDF) of the Academic Affairs Division



Dr. Carol Long

Associate Provost 
Associate Provost for Personnel and DiversityDr. Kenneth Kallio
Assistant Provosts 
Assistant Provost for Budget and FacilitiesEnrico Johnson
Assistant Provost for International ProgramsDr. Rebecca Lewis
 Interim Assistant ProvostDr. Kenneth Kallio



Academic Communications

Anthony Hoppa

Access Opportunity Programs

Diedre DeBose

Campus Scheduling and Special Events

Andrea Klein

Center for Inquiry, Discovery & Development

Cynthia Oswald

College Libraries

Katherine Pitcher, Interim

Computing & Information Technology

Susan Chichester


Cynthia Hawkins-Owen

Institutional Research

Dr. Julie Rao

National Fellowships & Scholarships

Dr. Michael Mills

Sponsored Research

Dr. Anne Baldwin

Teaching and Learning Center

Dr. David Parfitt

Office of the Dean of the College 
Dean: Curriculum and Academic Services


Dr. Savitri Iyer

Associate Dean: New Student Advisement

Dr. Peter Corrigan

Assistant Dean: Disability Services

Dr. Tabitha Buggie-Hunt


Dr. Kimberley Willis

Academic Departments: Chairs & Deans
AnthropologyDr. Paul Pacheco, Chair 
Art HistoryDr. Lynette Bosch, Chair
BiologyDr. George Briggs, Chair
BusinessDr. Denise Rotondo, Dean 
ChemistryDr. Wendy Pogozelski, Chair
CommunicationDr. Andrew Herman, Chair
EducationDr. Anjoo Sikka, Dean
EnglishDr. Rob Doggett, Chair
GeographyDr. Jennifer Rogalsky, Chair
Geological SciencesDr. Benjamin Laabs, Chair
HistoryDr. Joseph Cope, Chair
Languages and LiteraturesDr. Lori Bernard, Chair
MathematicsDr. Christopher Leary, Chair
MusicDr. Gerard Floriano, Chair
PhilosophyDr. Theodore Everett, Chair 
PhysicsDr. Charles Freeman, Chair
Political Science and International RelationsDr. Jeffrey Koch, Chair
PsychologyDr. Ganie DeHart, Chair
SociologyDr. Kurt Cylke, Chair
Theatre & DanceDr. Steven Stubblefield, Chair