Provost's Task Force on Advising

1. Looking at the structure and organization of our system of student advisement from orientation through graduation.
2. Studying and evaluating best practice models of advisement at other institutions.
3. Convening focus groups and/or administering surveys to faculty, staff, and students to determine perceptions about advisement and solicit ideas for change.
4. Determining methods for assessing the effectiveness of advisement.
5. Describing what the current culture of advisement is from both a student and a faculty perspective.
6. Making recommendations to the Provost and Dean of the College for improving efficiency and the usefulness of advising.


Members of the Advisement Task Force

Bondi, Kerrie - Senior Career Counselor, Career Services

Bonfiglio, Robert - Vice President for Student and Campus Life

Condello, Stephanie - Undergraduate Student, Director of Academic Affairs, Student Association

Granger, David (Co-Chair) - Associate Professor, School of Education

Howard, Barbara - Assistant Dean, School of Business

Kline, Anna - Associate Director of Admissions

MacKenzie, Douglas - Associate Professor, Communicative Disorders and Sciences

McKeever, Kerry - Associate Dean of the College

Padalino, Stephen - Distinguished Teaching Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Pruszynski, Chris - Lecturer, Communication

Salmon, Susan - Assistant Professor, School of Education

Sheldon, Amy (Co-Chair) - Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences

Whitt, Morgan - Undergraduate Student

Final Report