New Faculty and Staff for 2015-2016


Tenure Track Faculty

Megan Abbas, Department of History

Sarah Brookes, Department of Communication

Sara Burch, Department of Biology

Ming Lei, Department of Communication

Jason Ozubko, Department of Psychology

Pallavi Panda, Department of Economics

Anand Rao, Department of Political Science & International Relations

Crystal Simmons, School of Education


Lecturers/Visiting Faculty

Joshua Baecker, Department of Biology

Andrew Bergevin, Department of Music

Amber Charlebois, Department of Chemistry

Thomas Cooney, Department of Mathematics

Elizabeth Felski, School of Business (Accounting)

Jacob McCartney, Department of Biology

Brooke McCorkle, Department of Music

Bappaditya Mukherjee, Department of Political Science & International Relations

Hristina Nedelkovska, Department of Biology

Michelle Staebell, School of Business (Accounting)

Library Academic Staff

Angela Galvan, Senior Assistant Librarian

Brandon West, Senior Assistant Librarian

Administrators and Professional Staff

Casey Babcock, Computing & Information Technology

Jay Charlebois, Department of Chemistry

Jeremy Hall, Office of Institutional Research

Nicholas Hardy, Computing & Information Technology

Michael Mills, Center for Inquiry, Discovery & Development

Brandon Moran, Office of International Student & Scholar Services

Kimberley Willis, Office of the Registrar