Psi Chi

Ganie DeHart

Sibling Peer Research Group

Please provide a brief description of your research interests

My broad area of research interests is the social contexts of children's and adolescents' development. My students and I are conducting an ongoing longitudinal study of sibling and friend relationships. We've collected data on a group of participants at ages 4, 7, and 17, and a group of my students are preparing to do an early adulthood follow-up. We are also collecting data on 7-year-old Latino and Carribean-American children's sibling relationships and friendships. 

Are you looking for student research assistants for the upcoming semesters?

Not for spring 2016, but we will be adding research assistants for fall 2016.

If yes, how many students are you looking for?


In what aspects are student research assistants involved in your lab?

I try to involve students in all aspects of my research - generally, research assistants on the sibling/friend study do home visits to collect data, transcribe videotapes of sibling and friend interaction sessions, code videotapes and transcripts, tabulate coding and questionnaire data, and assist in data analysis and preparing results for presentation at professional conferences. 

What skills are you looking for in student research assistants?

I prefer research assistants who have had some coursework in developmental psychology - at least Psych 215 and/or 216 - and who have at least started to take the research methods sequence. Experience and comfort interacting with children is a must, as is willingness to work as part of a research team. We provide training in videotaping, using the computer, and specific data collection and analysis methods.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

 I do not normally admit seniors to my research group because it takes about a semester to be trained in the necessary data collection and coding methods.