Psi Chi

Jason Ozubko

Memory Research Lab

Please provide a brief description of your research interests

Currently we are investigating memory issues related to how distinctiveness affects memory and what a distinctive representation entails, what leads to feelings of familiarity and how can false memories arise these feelings, the connection between spatial memory and more traditional forms of memory, and the potential restorative effects of spatial navigation on attention.

Are you looking for student research assistants for the upcoming semesters?


If yes, how many students are you looking for?


In what aspects are student research assistants involved in your lab?

Experimental design, data collection, data analysis, writing, poster and oral presentations.

What skills are you looking for in student research assistants?

Being a motivated and independent worker is an important part of working in my lab. Students in my lab work with me to develop research projects but are then expected to carry those projects out. Having a strong background in research methods, statistics, and computer-related skills are a strong asset in my lab.