Jennifer Katz, Ph.D.      

Geneseo Sexuality Lab

Please provide a brief description of your research interests

Broadly speaking, my research focuses on the sociocultural context of well-being among women and members of minority groups. Some of my research investigates different types of intimate relationships with current or former partners. Other studies focus on the social and community contexts that affect individual well-being. Depending on the specific research question being addressed, my lab conducts either experimental or correlational studies. 

Are you looking for student research assistants for the upcoming semesters?


In what aspects are student research assistants involved in your lab?

Undergraduate researchers collaborate with me and each other to identify novel research questions, collect, manage, and analyze data, and draw conclusions about how our findings add to the existing literature. Some students are more involved in the design process, whereas others are more involved in the analysis and writing process. 

Is there anything else you would like to say?

My lab is full for the foreseeable future.