Matthew Pastizzo, Ph.D.       

Field of Psychology: Cognitive

Accepting New RAs: Yes


I am interested in studying factors that influence visual word recognition. In particular, I am interested in words that share form and meaning (e.g., GLOW-GLARE, GRIP-GRASP, BOAT-FLOAT).

Methodology, Tools and Approaches: In a typical experiment, words are presented on a computer monitor for brief durations. Participants are asked to decide whether or not a target item is a real English word after exposure to a prime word, which may or may not be related to the target word. Critical primes and targets are related on one or more dimensions (e.g., form: COAT-FLOAT, meaning: SWIM-FLOAT, form and meaning: BOAT-FLOAT).
Roles and Responsibilities of Research Assistants: There are two primary roles: (1) Locating and selecting word pairs for use in priming experiments, and (2) data collection in the lab.

Prospective Research Assistants:

Yes. I am currently looking to begin training 3-5 research assistants to begin working in my lab in Fall 2014.

Prerequisite Courses or Qualifications: An interest in language!

Application Process: Contact me by email to setup an appointment.