Psi Chi

Dan Repinski

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Research Interests

Social and Personality Development during Adolescence I am collaborating with colleagues in the analysis of longitudinal data of 500 adolescents and their parents first surveyed in Grade 7 and assessed annually through young adulthood.

Current Research Projects

I am developing models of how parents' behavior in early adolescence is predictive of the development of self-system processes and personality in middle adolescence and, in combination, how parents' behavior and adolescent personality predict social (e.g., friendships, romantic relationships) and behavioral (e.g., academic performance, problem behavior, and internalizing problems) outcomes in late adolescence.

How many students?

I typically work with 2-4 students

In what aspects of your research are student assistants involved?

Tasks include completing statistical analyses, literature searches, and writing results, etc. Requirements: Psyc major; completion of 250, 251, 216; interest in social and personality development during adolescence

To apply: Contact me and we'll make an appointment to chat.