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James Allen

Associate Professor


Bailey 134
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Area of Interest: Social Psychology

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
Fall 2014 Classes

PSYC 278:
Psychology of Happiness

    This course is an introduction to the empirical study of human happiness and well-being. Topics include how values, personality and social characterisitics, attitudes, and cultural and evolutionary v
    ariables predict and potentially affect human happiness. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding how and why these variables are related to happiness. Prerequisites: PSYC 100 or consent of instructor. Offered every year
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PSYC 350:
Social Psychology

    A study of the behavior of the individual in the social context, with attention to leadership and small group phenomena, social motivation, attitudes and attitude change. Selected research techniques
    in social psychology. Prerequisites: PSYC 250 and PSYC 251, or permission of instructor.
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PSYC 352:

    A selected-topic seminar that integrates, at an advanced level, a particular content area with its appropriate literature, research methods, and statistics. In the course of study of the selected issu
    e, students review literature, design research, collect data, analyze and interpret results, and produce both oral and written reports. Prerequisites: Enrollment is limited to Psychology majors who have completed PSYC 250, PSYC 251, and at least three 300-level Psychology courses. Selected topics may have specific prerequisites, which will be listed in the course schedule.
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