Ganie DeHart

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Psychology, Department Chair

Bailey 131
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Ganie DeHart

Area of Interest: Developmental Psychology

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Fall 2014 Classes

PSYC 215:
S/Child Development

    An overview of the nature and course of human development from conception through childhood. Topics include physical, perceptual, cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and personality development.
    Prerequisites: PSYC 100 or INTD 203. (INTD 203 may be taken as a corequisite.)
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PSYC 385:
M/Cross-Cultural Psychology

    A consideration of the influence of culture on human behavior and development, both normal and abnormal. Emphasis is placed on research dealing with non-Western cultures and minority cultures in the U
    nited States. Prerequisites: PSYC 215 or PSYC 216. Offered every year
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