Karen S. Mooney

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Bailey 117
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Area of interest:   Developmental Psychology 

Faculty Information


  • PhD, Florida Atlantic University
Spring 2016 Classes

PSYC 216:
S/Adolescent Development

    An overview of the nature and course of human development during adolescence. Biological, cognitive, social, and personality development are considered, with emphasis on families, schools, and culture
    s as contexts for adolescent development. Prerequisites: PSYC 100 or INTD 203 (INTD 203 may be taken as a corequisite). Offered every semester
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PSYC 250:
R/Intro-Behavioral Statistics

    Computation, application, and interpretation of the major descriptive and introductory inferential techniques. Topics include measurement, frequency distributions, graphing, central tendency, variabil
    ity, binomial and normal distributions, standard scores, correlation, regression, hypothesis testing, z-tests, one-sample t-tests, two-sample t-tests, analysis of variance, and nonparametric significance tests. NOTE: Students may not receive credit for more than one 200-level statistics course. However, a student who has received credit (and a grade of at least C-) for BIOL 250, ECON 205, GEOG 278, MATH 242, MATH 262, PLSC 251, or SOCL 211 may use this course in place of PSYC 250 to fulfill the statistics requirement for the major or minor. The student must then complete an additional psychology elective in order to reach the 36 hours in psychology required for the major (or 21 hours for the minor). Prerequisites: PSYC 100 and three years of high school mathematics. Offered every semester
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PSYC 321:
Dev Psyc:Family Psychology

    An advanced course examining particular developmental domains or issues, with an emphasis on evaluation of contemporary research. Typical offerings include topics in cognitive development, social deve
    lopment, and applied developmental psychology. May be taken for credit twice under different subtitles. Prerequisites: PSYC 215, PSYC 216, or PSYC 217, depending on subtitle. Offered every semester
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