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Douglas Raynor

Associate Professor


Bailey 141
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Areas of Interest: Clinical and Health Psychology

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  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Fall 2014 Classes

PSYC 260:
Abnormal Psychology

    This course offers a framework for understanding maladaptive behavior focused on the symptoms, causes, and treatment of a range of psychopathology, including anxiety, personality, mood, psychophysiolo
    gic, schizophrenic, and substance abuse disorders. Each disorder is considered through a comparison of biological, psychological, and sociocultural viewpoints on the causes and treatment of abnormal behavior. Current research issues as well as legal and ethical issues related to the assessment and treatment of abnormal behavior are discussed. Prerequisites: PSYC 100.
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PSYC 355:
Psychology of Personality

    Introduction to and evaluation of major theoretical conceptions of personality, including psychoanalytic, sociocultural, trait, learning, and humanistic approaches. Research, assessment, and applicati
    on strategies associated with each approach and selected contemporary research topics and techniques are covered. Prerequisites: PSYC 250 and PSYC 251, or permission of instructor.
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PSYC 368:
Health Psychology

    This course explores the role of psychological and social factors in the promotion and maintenance of good health, the prevention of illness, the causes and treatment of illness, as well as in recover
    y from or adjustment to ongoing illness. Critical discussion and evaluation of theory, research, and clinical interventions in the areas of nutrition/diet, exercise, substance abuse, coronary heart disease, AIDS, cancer, and chronic pain are among the topics considered. Prerequisites: PSYC 250 and PSYC 251, or permission of instructor. Offered every year
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