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Douglas Raynor

Associate Professor


Bailey 141
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Areas of Interest: Clinical and Health Psychology

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  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Fall 2015 Classes

PSYC 365:
Clinical Psychology

    A general introduction to the field. Examines clinical assessment procedures, psychotherapeutic interventions, and salient issues in clinical research. Prerequisites: PSYC 250, PSYC 251, and PSYC 26
    0 or permission of instructor. Offered every year
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PSYC 368:
Health Psychology

    This course explores the role of psychological and social factors in the promotion and maintenance of good health, the prevention of illness, the causes and treatment of illness, as well as in recover
    y from or adjustment to ongoing illness. Critical discussion and evaluation of theory, research, and clinical interventions in the areas of nutrition/diet, exercise, substance abuse, coronary heart disease, AIDS, cancer, and chronic pain are among the topics considered. Prerequisites: PSYC 250 and PSYC 251, or permission of instructor. Offered every year
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PSYC 397:
Undergraduate Research Seminar

    This course provides experience in formulating research projects and applying research techniques in psychology through participation in a faculty-supervised research project and a student-faculty res
    earch seminar. May be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisites: PSYC 250, PSYC 251, and instructor permission. Offered by individual arrangement
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