Student Writing Policy

All majors shall successfully complete the existing program requirements. These requirements ensure that students receive training and experience in writing as specified in the following:

1. Psyc 251 Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods which introduces students to writing research reports in psychology,

2. Psyc 352 Advanced Behavioral Research Methods which extends the training students receive in Psyc 251 by having them apply what they have learned to the task of producing written reports of laboratory research, and

3. At least four 300-level psychology courses which, as a part of course requirements, students must complete at least one significant writing experience.

It is the responsibility of the instructors of these courses, in consultation with the department chair, to identify students with writing skill deficiencies in organization, development, diction or mechanics. Students identified as needing work in improving their writing skills will be notified at the beginning of the following semester, and will be required to satisfactorily complete (grade of C- or better) Engl 100 College Writing I or Engl 200 College Writing II. The student's academic advisor in psychology will also be notified and will monitor the student's progress. The department chair will serve as the Department's liaison with the Dean of the College in matters relating to this policy.