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Joan Zook

Assistant Professor


Bailey 143
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Area of Interest: Developmental Psychology

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  • Ph.D., Purdue University
Fall 2016 Classes

HONR 203:

    This seminar offers an introduction to a topic or set of topics of social relevance as addressed by the social sciences. Typical subtitles might be: Nature versus Nurture, Intepreting the Bell Curve,
    or The Trap of Poverty. As a core course, it should engage all students and will not assume any prior knowledge of the discipline(s) involved. As a seminar, the class will focus on a lively discussion and analysis of the issues. May be repeated more than once only with permission from director of the Honors Program. Prerequisites: HONR 202 or permission of program director. Offered once per year
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PSYC 217:
Adult Development & Aging

    An overview of the nature and course of adult development. Biological, psychological, and social aspects of adult development and aging are considered, as are the influences of society and culture. Pr
    erequisites: PSYC 100. Offered every two years
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