Campus Events

There are a variety of campus events occurring at any given moment.  The links below will help guide you to events within your interests.  Be sure to reference the RTS Livingston: Local Daily Service to get to and from your event, and remember rides are free with college ID (and only $1.00 for your visiting friends and family)!


- Campus Events: an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly break down of scheduled events across campus

- College Union: what's going on right now in the MacVittie College Union and Knight Spot

- Department of Art History: upcoming and current art exibitions in all of the campus galleries

- Department of Music: upcoming music events on campus

- Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE): increasing the presence of cultural and under-represented communities (a link to individual club meeting times can be found at the very top of the page)

- Athletic Schedules: upcoming home contests and recreation schedules are featured all the way to the right

- Geneseo Late Knight (GLK): regularly scheduled events during the prime social hours of 10:00PM and 2:00AM every Friday and Saturday

- Upstate Escapes: off campus trip program that builds your college experience one mile at a time

- Limelight & Accents: performing arts series for both the campus and the surrounding community

- MOSAIC: events focused on diversity and the opportunity to explore other cultures

- Weeks of Welcome (WOW): events focused on transistion and acclimating to the campus that run at the beginning of the Fall semester

- SA Ticket Office: where to find tickets for upcoming events

- LIVE: the ins and outs of Geneseo from the students point of view