Parking For People with Disabilities

What You Need

  • A SUNY Geneseo parking decal AND 
  • A handicap accessible permit from your town or SUNY Geneseo

WHAT if i don't have a suny geneseo parking decal?

  • Student: need to purchase a decal for the length of time the handicap permit is needed longer than 24 hours; vehicle registration is required
      • One - four weeks = $9.00 temporary permit
      • Four - eight weeks = $31.25 temporary permit
      • Eight - fifteen weeks = $62.50 (or current rate) permanent semester decal
      • Fifteen weeks or longer = $120.00 (or current rate) permanent full year decal
  • Faculty/staff: need to purchase a decal at the current rate for your union/profession for a handicap permit longer than 24 hours; vehicle registration is required
  • Visitor: to the College you will need to obtain a free temporary permit; vehicle registration is required

What if I don't already have a handicap permit (hang tag or plate) from my town/village?

  • All: need to obtain a script or statement from your primary care physician or the Lauderdale Health Center stating you need temporary handicap accessible parking - MUST CONTAIN AN EXPIRATION DATE OR LENGTH OF TIME

WHere can i park after i have both my suny geneseo permit & my handciap permit?

  • Any handicap accessible parking space on campus
  • If the handicap accessible spaces are full in Lots A, B, C, D, E, G, I, L, R, U or V you may park in any other available regular, non-reserved space within that lot

WHERE are the handicap accessible spaces located?

  • Lot A (3)
  • Lot B (8)
  • Lot C (2)
  • Lot E (2)
  • Lot G (1)
  • Lot I (6)
  • Lot L (1)
  • Lot LL (3)
  • Lot S (9)
  • Lot U (3)
  • Lot V (2)
  • Lot W (1)
  • Lot Y (2)
  • Lot Z (1)
  • College Circle (8)
  • Mary Jemison Dining Hall (2)
  • Schrader Hall East (2)
  • Schrader Hall South (1)
  • MacVittie College Union (2 - metered)
  • Saratoga Terrace North (2)
  • Saratoga Terrace South (1)

For information on public transportation options for medical needs, please visit:

Parking & Transportation Services and the University Police Department strictly enforce parking regulations.  Violators may receive a parking ticket, and/or permit confiscation and/or towing of a vehicle.  The term handicapped in relation to permits, parking spaces and enforcement is the designation as stipulated in the New York Vehicle & Traffic Law.