TO:                       Deans, Directors and Department Heads                           

FROM:                  Kenneth H. Levison

                             Vice President for Administration

 DATE:                  June 1, 2009      

 SUBJECT:          Governor’s Executive Order 18 – Elimination of Bottled Water

                On May 5, 2009, Governor David Paterson issued Executive Order 18, which seeks to eliminate bottled water for use at executive agency facilities.  As you know, SUNY is considered an executive agency and is required to comply with this order.

                The Executive Order is based upon the State’s obligation “to promote sound environmental practices” and is in response to the State’s “unprecedented fiscal crisis”.  The order requires agencies to eliminate the expenditure of funds for the purchase of bottled water.  The order requires each agency to report on its compliance plan to the Commissioner of General Services.  The goal is to eliminate all expenditures for bottled water by May 1, 2010.

                The order points out that bottled water costs thousands of times more than tap water and that it often consists of filtered or processed tap water.  In addition, it states that “New York has high quality public water supplies.”  In fact, the Village of Geneseo’s water supply, which supplies the College, is evaluated quarterly by the New York State Department of Health.  The Village’s annual water report notes: “In July the NYSDOH Western Regional office did a comprehensive performance evaluation study of our entire treatment process. They were very impressed with our facility and our whole procedure. They made a few suggestions and recommendations, which we are implementing.”  Copies of Geneseo’s annual water report are available in the Village Office.

                In order to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order, SUNY Geneseo will not expend either State or Foundation funds to purchase bottled water for the convenience of employees of the College.  No contracts for bottled water will be entered into or extended beyond June 30, 2009.

                Campus Auxiliary Services will be able to provide bottled water as part of its catering function for events for visitors to the campus, such as Commencement and for Admissions Tours.  It will also continue to sell bottled water for the time being to individuals in vending machines and at its retail locations such as Union Station and Books and Bytes.  It will, however, not provide bottled water for other campus events.  CAS provides water at no cost in its fountain machines at all retail locations.

                Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.