TO:                Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

FROM:           Rebecca E. Anchor
                       Director of Purchasing & Central Services
DATE:            October 4, 2006

SUBJECT:      Purchase Orders Required

The frequency of "confirming" orders has increased in recent months and, despite cautions issued by the Purchasing Department, some departments continue to violate New York State procurement regulations by ordering and accepting delivery of goods or services prior to the generation of an approved State purchase order.   New York State procurement regulations require that a State purchase order must be issued prior to the delivery of goods or services (i.e., funds must be encumbered to cover a procurement before the liability is incurred).

In audits by SUNY Internal Audit and the Office of the State Comptroller, the College is cited when it does not adhere to these regulations and allows processing of confirming orders (i.e. requests to pay for goods or services without a pre-existing official purchase order).  The Purchasing Department may not process for payment any invoice for goods or services without an official purchase order already on file.  If the goods or services are delivered before the purchase order is issued, the employee who placed the order may be personally liable for the payment of the goods or services.

Please use the Citibank Visa Procurement Card (a.k.a. P-Card) when possible to expedite orders under $2,500*.  Use of the P-Card eliminates the need for a Purchase Order and is a far more cost-effective and convenient method for making small dollar purchases.   If the supplier does not accept Visa and/or the procurement has a value over $500*, you may contact the Purchasing Department and request that your order be "walked through" the process so that a Purchase Order may be issued.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Anchor or Tom Underwood in the Purchasing Department at ext. 5100.  Your support and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

*Effective October 1, 2006, use of the Citibank Visa Procurement Card became mandatory for all transactions under $500