Office Supplies

Effective November 16, 2015 all office supply orders requiring desktop delivery, excluding printing supplies and standard white copy paper, should be placed directly with Gholkar's, Inc. via their Website at:  If you need to add, delete or modify the individuals in your department who are authorized to order from Gholkar's, please contact Kristi Bardeen ( in Procurement Services by email or at ext. 5100. 

All orders to Gholkar's will be reviewed by Procurement Services prior to final release.  This is being done to ensure all items purchased are appropriate for the office supply contract, all items purchased meet New York State procurement requirements, and are appropriate for purchase with State funds.  Occasionally, departments may be asked to remove an item from their order, so it may be directed to another supplier or purchased with non-State funds.

How to Order Printer Supplies and White Copy Paper

See the Printer Supplies Web page for instructions on how to order printer supplies:

See the Standard, White Copy Paper Web page for instructions on how to order white copy paper: