Policies & Procedures

Department of Purchasing

P020Organization and Responsibilities
P020aOrganizational Chart
P030Code of Ethics
P050Authorized Signatures
P060Commodity Assignment/Team Concept
P070General Processing Procedures
P071Purchasing & Contracting Procedures (Item 7553)
P073Purchase Order Processing $0-$2,500; $0-$10,000 M/WBE
P073ACorporate Procurement Cards Purchases $0-$2,500
P074General Procurements Between $2,500-$10,000
P075General Procurements Between $10,000-$50,000
P076General Procurements Between $50,000-$125,000
P077General Procurements Between $125,000-$250,000
P078General Procurements Above $250,000 
P090Bid Opening Procedures (Sealed IFBs and RFPs = or > than $125,000) - General Procurements 
P100Contracts - Types of
P101Contract Procedures - General
P103Independent Contractors
P105Preferred Sources
P110Minority/Women-Owned Business Program
P115Licensing Program
P120Requisition Preparation
P121Split Orders-Research and State Funds
P130Purchase Order Flowchart
P132Data Flow Diagram
P140AC340 Preparation and Paperwork Flow
P160Confirming Purchase Orders
P180Change Orders
P190Flammability and Energy Conservation Standards
P200Supplier Relations
P280Insufficient Funds
P300Sole Source Justification
P305Emergency Purchases
P310Follow Up Procedures
P505Purchase of Used Equipment
P506Notification of Absences Due to Illness
P507Purchase of Appliances
P508Membership in Professional Organizations
P509Mobile and Cellular Telephones (Updated Policy Pending)
P510Construction Fund Purchase Order Processing
P510aSUNY Construction Contracting Procedures (Item 7554)
P550Record Retention Schedule
P556Anti-Sweatshop Policy
P570Print Optimization Policy