Print Optimization Plan


In January 2011, the College made a business decision to optimize its printing environment in an effort to provide the campus community with cost effective, state-of-the-art printing, copying, scanning, and faxing functionality, and cost effective access to color printing and scanning, while significantly lowering overall costs and reducing the College's environmental impact.  In October 2011, the College Cabinet approved a new procurement policy in support of optimizing the College's printing environment.   It's Policy No. P-570.

Successful implementation of the Print Optimization Plan will require a united effort to transform the way all of us on campus approach printing.  With the support of the campus community, the College will evolve from a decentralized, printer-centric printing environment with relatively little network connectivity to a collaborative, highly networked printing environment.  Given the severe financial challenges facing the College, this is clearly a worthwhile effort.

Leased Multifunctional Device (MFD) and Managed Print Services (MPS) Program

An integral component of the College's Print Optimization Plan is the leased MFD and managed print services program with Toshiba Business Solutions.  The Program allows the College to upgrade all printing equipment with little or no upfront capital equipment costs, and leverage the College's total aggregate print volume to lower supply, maintenance, and repair costs.


The program began in 2007 when Toshiba Business Solutions was awarded a five-year contract for leasing of 49 black and white MFD.  It included all maintenance, repairs, toner, and print management software related to use of the leased MFD.  Over the past five years, this agreement has generated approximately $437,500 in savings for the College through lower maintenance costs.  With the addition of wide-spread scanning capability under this program, the College also decreased its overall print/copy volume on the MFD in administrative and academic areas from approximately 6 million annually to about 4 million.

2010 - 2011 

In summer 2010, in preparation for the College's next five-year agreement for leased MFD to be awarded spring 2012, the College performed an inventory of its printing, copying, faxing, and scanning devices to gain a better understanding of its printing environment.  In addition, between May and October 2011, Toshiba assisted the College with collecting data on the various printing needs of the campus community by interviewing representatives from all departments. The data collected during these interviews served as the basis for the more optimal printing environment that is currently being constructed.


In fall/winter 2011-12, the College conducted a competitive Request for Proposal process that led to the award of a new five-year contract to Toshiba Business Solutions in February 2012.  The new contract expands the leased MFD program to include not only leased MFD and all related maintenance, repair, and toner, it also provides maintenance, repair, and toner for the College's 160+ networked laser printers as well.   The new contract with Toshiba for leased MFD and managed print services is estimated to have the potential to save as much as $200,000 annually, while providing enhanced services to the campus community.  The savings will be achieved through lower maintenance, break/fix and supply costs, reduced space and electrical usage, and help desk driver support. 

How to Order Printing Supplies

Leased Toshiba MFD

Toner (Replacement)

An inventory of toner for all models of the leased MFD will be kept in the College's Duplicating Center, located in Welles Hall, room 13.  Departments are to pick up their replacement toner cartridges from the Duplicating Center, along with the empty plastic containers to collect the used toner.  Toner for the leased MFD is offered to the campus community as an administrative service and at no cost to departments.  

What to do with Used MFD Toner Cartridges?

Departments may return their used Toshiba toner cartridges to the Duplicating Center for recycling when picking up a new cartridge or they may deposit them in any of the drop boxes for used toner around campus.


Staples for the leased MFD are not under contract with Toshiba.  Therefore, departments must purchase them from Toshiba with a Visa Procurement Card.  To order staples, please call Toshiba's supply department at 1-800-727-4264, option 2.

Networked Printers

Toner (Replacement)

To order replacement toner for College-owned networked printers, departments are to visit Toshiba's Web portal at:  Please note that you will need to "Create a New Account" before logging onto the system.  You also will need the serial number or manufacturer and model number for your printer in order to locate the appropriate toner cartridges in the Web portal.  A label has been affixed to the front of each College-owned networked printer that includes the device's serial number.

Please note that, on occasion, you may be trying to order supplies for a networked printer that has not been entered into Toshiba's Web portal yet.  If this happens, please contact the College's dedicated Toshiba supply representative, Deniz Terzioglu, at 1-800-727-4264, option 2, as indicated below, and he or another Toshiba representative will assist you.

Deniz Terzioglu, dedicated supply representative, Toshiba Business Solutions
Direct phone: (585) 697-5523
Supply Department: 1-800-727-4264, option 2

Toner for all College-owned networked printers is offered to the campus community as an administrative service at no cost to departments.  Toner for the network printers will be delivered to departments from Toshiba within approximately 48 hours.  

What to do with Used Networked Printer Cartridges?

Departments may deposit used toner cartridges from networked laser printers in any of the drop boxes for used toner around campus.

Non-networked Printers 

The elimination of non-networked printers continues to be a goal of the College.  Departments may be permitted to use up any existing toner they currently have in stock for non-networked printers, but are asked to cease purchasing any additional toner for non-networked printers when the current stock is depleted. 

Any unique or extenuating circumstance a department may have that necessitates the continued deployment of a non-networked printer should be communicated to Rebecca Anchor, Director of Purchasing & Central Services, at  or to the CIT by way of submitting a Help Desk Ticket to   In situations where a department has a non-networked printer that cannot be eliminated because there is not an MFD or networked laser printer to which the printing may be redirected, CIT will elevate the service request to expedite resolution.  

How to Request Service

Leased Toshiba MFD

To request service for a leased Toshiba multifunctional device, departments are to call Toshiba's service department at (800) 727-4264, option 1. Please be prepared to provide the serial number and location of the MFD for which you are requesting service.  A label has been affixed to the front of each leased MFD that provides the 1-800 number for Toshiba's service department and the device's serial number.

If you need to escalate a service request, please feel free to contact Toshiba's Director of Client Services, Holly Parker, at (585) 697-5563 or or Rebecca Anchor, Director of Purchasing & Central Services, at ext. 5100 or

The College continues to have a dedicated Toshiba service technician, Dan Travers.  He will respond to all service requests within four hours between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

College-owned Networked Printers

Departments requiring service for networked laser printers should contact the CIT Help Desk at ext. 5588.   CIT will determine whether or not the issue can be resolved locally or if it needs to be escalated to Toshiba.   As mentioned above, the College's current five-year contract with Toshiba includes maintenance and repair (including maintenance and kits and repair parts) for all of the College's networked laser printers.