Allegany Hall


picture of Allegany Hall.

Picture Slideshow:  The picture slideshow for Allegany is available here.

Area Coordinator:  Ms. Marissa Reed; (585) 245-5771;

Service Desk:  x6156 from campus phones; (585) 245-6156 from all other phones


About Allegany Hall:

Location:  North Village

Housing Type:  Suites (6-person and 8-person)

Class Years:  All, but mostly Sophomores and Juniors

Features:  Allegany Hall is comprised of 9 sections, or "Quads".  Each Quad. contains a small kitchenette with a sink, oven, and stovetop.  A typical suite consists of a bathroom, a living room area, and 3 or 4 bedrooms.  Laundry facilities are available on each floor.

Floor Plans:  You must have a Geneseo email to login and gain access to Campus Living floor plans. You can find these floor plans here: