Helpful Hints for Living in an Expanded Occupancy Room

  1.    Write or call your roommates right away, to introduce yourself and confer about what you are planning to bring for the room.

  2.    Coordinate when you will arrive on campus with your roommates and talk to each other before completely     unpacking and arranging the room.

  3.    Make all rooming decisions together.

  4.    Be open about problems with your roommates.  Don’t keep things inside and let them build up.

  5.    To save space, you may put one or two dressers in the closet.

  6.    Share the closet and desk space among the three of you.  (Because of the size of the desks, we put only two desks into a room.  If you decide that you prefer three desks, a third desk will be provided.)

  7.    Rotate the single bed, if desired.

  8.    Be creative when arranging the room.

  9.    Be considerate of both roommates when entertaining friends.

10.    Be considerate of each other’s studying, sleeping, and leisure hours.

11.    Ask before borrowing your roommates’ belongings.

12.    Be open to talking about a problem a roommate may have with you.

13.    Send any belongings you may have and don’t need home.

14.    Don’t rely on your roommates to carry keys for you and do not leave your door unlocked; carry your own keys and don’t get locked out.

15.    Don’t rely on your roommates to be your best friends.  Get out and get involved in campus life and meet as    
    many people as you can!