Getting Ready for Geneseo


Although each student has different living needs, we have created a list of some items for you to consider for your residence hall room.  We have also identified some items that are not acceptable in the Geneseo residence halls that we ask you NOT to bring with you.

Note: Beginning with the Spring 2012 semester, residence hall rooms no longer include land-line telephones. Instead, you will find a community "house phone" on every floor of each residence hall.  On the house phone you can call campus and local phone numbers, including emergency numbers like 911 or University Police at 5222.  You will need a long-distance telephone "calling card" (available at grocery and convenience stores) to make long-distance phone calls.

Items you may bring with you…             

    •    sheets (80” long), pillow, mattress pad, alarm clock
    •    desk (or study) lamp, floor lamp, clothes hangers, comforter, towels
    •    key chain, dictionary, thesaurus, plants, family pictures
    •    sports equipment (Frisbee, softball glove)
    •    personal items (soap, shampoo, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.)
    •    bicycle with bike lock, electrical power strip w/circuit breaker and long cord
    •    laundry basket and supplies, desk supplies (pens, pencils, etc.)
    •    posters, computer, Ethernet cable (to connect to the Internet in your bedroom), tool kit, TV (cable-ready) & coaxial TV cable cord
    •    stereo/radio & headphones, school supplies, rain/snow gear
    •    coffee maker, air popcorn maker (w/temperature controls)
    •    food, cups, silverware & plate, clothes iron, small ironing board
    •    robe & slippers, wastepaper baskets

Items NOT allowed in the Residence Halls...

    •    microwave ovens, toaster ovens (not in your room--but you may use these in community and hall kitchens) (SEE BELOW)
    •    hot pots or George Foreman type grills
    •    open burner items, candles or incense
    •    pets (except fish)
    •    firearms/weapons, fireworks, etc.
    •    homemade lofts
    •    any alcohol if you are under 21
    •    drugs or drug paraphernalia
    •    space heaters or air conditioners
    •    steel tip darts and/or dart boards
    •    halogen or multi-headed lamps
    •    compressed air/C02 tanks
    •    paintball markers
    •    See the Residential License for more complete information.


The electrical circuitry of most of our residence halls is not equipped to accommodate up to 100 student room microwaves. Communal microwaves are available in the main kitchen areas of all of the residence halls. If you can't imagine life without a microwave in your room, you can consider renting or purchasing a Micro-Fridge. This is the only type of microwave allowed in student rooms, since it is designed in such a way that either the microwave or the refrigerator is using electricity and not both at the same time.  For more information, click on the link below to be taken to an external site.  Please note that for the spring semester, you can NOT order online but you can order via telephone at 607-431-9525.


Use of extension cords is prohibited.  U.L.-approved electrical power strips with fuses (or circuit breakers) are permitted as long as they are not connected to one another (do not “daisy-chain” power strips).  You should look for a power strip with an extra long cord to avoid this.  Surge protectors are highly recommended for computer equipment.



Carpets brought into the halls must be in good condition and, as with any furniture, are subject to approval by the Area Coordinator/Residence Director/Graduate Residence Hall Director.  The rooms and shapes vary within each hall, but an 8’ by 10’ carpet will fit all rooms; all room floors are tiled except Erie Hall where the bedrooms are carpeted.
Blinds: Each room is furnished with venetian blinds.  When you receive your room assignment, it is best to consult with your roommate before adding personal touches such as curtains.  Students may use spring-loaded rods for hanging curtains in most halls.  Window sizes vary by hall.  For reference, window dimensions are as follows:

North Village

  • Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Ontario, Wyoming 48”L x 60”W

Central Village

  • Jones – 60” L x 84”W
  • Livingston – 57”L x 84”W
  • Monroe – 56”L x 88”W
  • Steuben – 50”L x 70”

South Village

  • Nassau, Suffolk – 51”L x 62”W
  • Niagara – 72”L x 50”W
  • Onondaga and Wayne – 72”L x 60”W

Curtains are not recommended for Putnam, Seneca, and Saratoga due to the window style.


(These areas are subject to change at any time.)

Limited inside bicycle storage* is available in the following halls:  Allegany, Genesee, Jones, Livingston, Ontario, Steuben, and Wyoming.

Limited outside bicycle racks are available at the following halls:   Monroe, Genesee, Seneca, Nassau, Niagara, Onondaga, Putnam, Steuben, Suffolk, Wayne, and Wyoming.



Refrigerators are limited to a capacity of 3.6 cubic ft. or less and an electrical draw of less than 2.0 amps at 120 volts AC. Refrigerators must be plugged directly into the wall, not into a power strip or extension cord, in accordance with New York State fire code for residence halls.


Mattresses are approximately 80” long, 34-36” wide, 6” deep.  Flat or extra long twin sheets and mattress covers seem to fit best.  Under bed storage space varies from 9” high to 30” high. (See below for more information.)

Since student rooms are furnished, space is limited for other items.  Before bringing furniture to the residence halls, please consult with your roommate or suitemates and the Area Coordinator/Residence Director/Graduate Residence Director of your hall.


Trunks or boxes may be shipped to the College prior to your arrival to lighten your load on move-in day. Trunks/boxes should be addressed as follows:

[Student Name]
Box [Number]
10 MacVittie Circle
Geneseo, New York 14454

Shipped trunks/boxes will be available for you to pick up when you arrive on campus at the Mail Services service desk located on the first (ground) floor of the MacVittie College Union.  Please refer to your room assignment letter for your assigned mailbox number.  If you need to ship before you have an assigned box number, write your name clearly and the phrase "New Student--Box not yet assigned" in the Box number line.  Trunks and boxes are not delivered to the residence halls, but the mail room in the Union is centrally located.


Checking In:

New Students are encourage to check in on Friday, August 28, 2015  between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Returning students may check in on Saturday, August 29, 2015 beginning at 10 a.m until .  Please let your Area Coordinator know if you need to check in on Sunday or later in the week.  Please note that a special traffic pattern is in place for Friday and Saturday.  More information will arrive with your room assignment mailing.  Please follow the directions of University Police and do not leave your vehicle in an area not designated for parking that day.

Check-in at the main entrance to your hall.

Staff will be available for later check-ins on a limited basis.  Please contact your Area Coordinator if you will be arriving late. If you will be arriving after the first day of classes please notify the Dean of Students at least one calendar week before opening by calling (585) 245-5706. 

Please contact our office at (585) 245-5726 or if you have any questions regarding your residence hall accommodations.  Residence Life is located in 211 Sturges Hall, on the circle below the MacVittie College Union.

Room Sizes and Bed Styles:

Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Nassau, Niagara, Onondaga, Ontario, Putnam, Saratoga Terrace, Seneca, Suffolk, Wayne, and Wyoming have adjustable beds, which can be raised to approximately 30” from the floor.   Jones, Livingston, Monroe and Steuben have non-adjustable beds, which are approximately 9” from the floor.  Leg extenders may be available from the residence hall staff.


The rooms are different shapes and sizes.  As a guideline, below are the approximate dimensions. Suite bedrooms in Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Ontario, Wyoming, Nassau and Suffolk are approximately 10’ x 12’.  The suite lounges (except in Nassau and Suffolk) are approximately 10’ x 14’.  The Nassau and Suffolk suite lounges are approximately 10’x 15’, but some may be larger.  Putnam rooms are approximately 11’ X 14’.  Seneca rooms are approximately 11’ X 17’.                   
Corridor style rooms in Jones, Livingston, Monroe, and Steuben are approximately 12’ x 12’.   Niagara and Onondaga rooms are approximately 11’ x 13’; however, the closets are in various locations in the rooms.  Wayne rooms are approximately 11’ x 12’.                   
Because of the varying locations of closets in the rooms, we recommend that you wait to buy a carpet until you arrive on campus.  If you wish to buy one beforehand, an 8’ x 10’ carpet will fit any location.



Some halls do not have sequential room numbers (e.g. 103, 104, etc.).  Below are samples to aid you in interpreting your room assignment.



 Suite StyleHall  Room# Location
  Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Ontario, Wyoming  A1B2

A = Section of Building

1 = Floor of Building

B = Suite in Section

2 = Room Within Suite

 Nassau, Suffolk, Seneca 112A 

112 = Suite

A = Room Within Suite 

 Putnam 205 Room Number 
Corridor StyleJones, Livingston, Monroe 1A203 or B256 

1A or B =  Section of Building

203 or 256 = Room

 Onondaga North302 (N302) 

North = Section of Building

302 = Room Number

 Niagara, Wayne 112 112 = Room Number