SUNY Geneseo Graduate Residence Director

Job Description 2013-14

Title: Residence Director (Graduate Assistant), Department of Residence Life, SUNY Geneseo

Reports To:  Residence Life Assistant Director (North Village)

Hall Assignment:  Erie Hall

Specific Qualifications:  Bachelor’s Degree; enrollment in a SUNY Geneseo graduate program; residence hall staff experience preferred; organizational skills; strong interpersonal and communication skills; teamwork orientation; ability to work within budgets; understanding of student development and residential education. 

Compensation:                                    Tuition Waiver

                                                      Stipend – $8247 per year

Furnished apartment, cable television, network access & local phone (living in the hall is an obligation of this position)

                                                      Meal Stipend -- $200 per semester

Terms of Employment: Start date begins August 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014.  When classes are in session, work is not to exceed 20 hours per week.  This position is a live-in position requiring extensive training, evening work and weekend time commitments at times.  It is expected that the Graduate Residence Director serve in an “on-call” duty rotation. 

General Duties & Responsibilities:

Administration of Residence Hall

·       Maintain 10 scheduled office hours per week (outside of designated meeting times as listed below; approximately 2 hours scheduled each day).  During this time you may take care of the tasks listed below.

·       Supervise, coordinate and attend all aspects of designated hall openings and closings (beginning and end of semester and holiday closings)

·       Oversee room and key inventories for residence hall (primarily beginning and end of semester)

·       Handle all related tasks to hall management (damage billing, occupancy reports, etc.; periodic)

·       Assist with housing selection (occurs in the spring)

·       Serve as a resource to all students in residence hall

Staff Development

·       Supervise and evaluate RA staff each semester

·       Conduct weekly staff meeting (1 hour)

·       Conduct weekly individuals with RA staff (3 hours)

·       Active participation in training of RAs through presentations (prior to start of classes)

Community Development & Residential Education

·       Be visible and accessible to students who live in residence hall

·       Serve as a resource for Hall Council and Senior Resident Assistant (secondary advisor)

·       Maintain hall programming budgets (RA, hall council, staff development) and track programming in residence hall

·       Be a resource to RAs and assist in the development of programs to meet intended learning outcomes and goals

·       Productively address all student concerns and roommate conflicts in residence hall


·       Attend weekly department staff meetings (2 hours), quad meetings (1 hour), and one on one meetings with supervisor (1 hour)

·       Participate in "on-call" duty rotation schedule

·       Participate in department-wide initiatives

·       Other duties as assigned



Application for Graduate Residence Director/Graduate Assistantship--2013-2014

Please follow this outline to apply for the Residence Life Graduate Assistantship:

  1. Full Name
  2. Permanent address and phone number
  3. Current address and phone number
  4. Preferred email for current contact
  5. Date of birth
  6. Program of Study to which you are applying or have already been accepted
  7. Status of graduate application (e.g., accepted to the program; in process; etc.)
  8. Undergraduate Institution
  9. Undergraduate Degree
  10. Academic honors, prizes, scholarships or awards you have received
  11. Experience in Residence Life
  12. Professional goals
  13. A Cover Letter, addressing your previous experiences (Residence Life or otherwise) with leadership and any administrative skills and how they will assist you in the position.
  14. A current résumé.


Mail or send as an electronic attachment to:

Ms. Karen Duerr-Clark, Co-Chair

Ms. Caroline Whelan, Co-Chair

Graduate RD Search Committee

Department of Residence Life--Schrader 131

SUNY Geneseo

1 College Circle

Geneseo, NY  14454

Fax: (585) 245-5710                                                                                                   Email:,