Move-In Information for Spring 2012 new students

Welcome to Geneseo!  About 200 new students will be moving into campus housing for Spring 2012.

Housing assignments for new students will be e-mailed to your admissions application e-mail address at the end of  December 2011.  New students move in on Thursday, January 12, 2012.  We'll open the doors starting at 12:00 noon Thursday, and staff will be available to check you in all day.  If you are going to be late, or have other concerns about moving-in, please call the Residence Life office at 585 245-5726, and we will put you in touch with your hall director. 

The campus map included with your assignment letter will direct you to your hall, but please call us if you need more particular directions.

Residence Life tried to use as much information as possible from your roommate preference form to match you with a compatible roommate.  That form was also your agreement to abide by  the SUNY Geneseo Residential License.  The license includes information on what is and what is not permitted in a residence hall room.  Please read the license carefully; you are responsible for all the information it contatins.

Residence Halls: Your New Home Away From Home

If you are wondering about where you will be living next semester, this information might satisfy your curiosity.  Which residence halls are suite-style, and which are corridor-style?  Are specific residence halls available for transfer students?  How about first-year students?  In addition to answering these questions, this page also features picture slideshows of many of our residence halls; they can help you in envisioning what your living space might look like.

Get Geared Up for Geneseo

What can you bring to campus?  What size is your room?  What time is check-in?  How much can you store under your bed?  You'll find this information and more in this guide.

Connecting Your Computer

How do you set up your computer?  Residence Halls are equipped with wired, ethernet access to the campus network.  You will need an ethernet cord to plug into the network from your room.  Beginning this year, due to the diligence of our CIT department, wireless internet access will also be available in all areas of our residence halls, which means that it will be accessible from your bedroom.  The above "Connecting Your Computer" link contains more information about pre-scanning your computer to get ready for the campus network.

FAQs on Expanded Occupancy Rooms

If you have been assigned to live in a "triple" or "expanded occupancy" room, please read this information.

Living in an Expanded Occupancy Room

Students who have previously lived in triple rooms helped to generate these helpful hints.


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