Step 1:  Pay Your Housing Deposit


    • Activate your Geneseo account via Knightweb with the User ID and Pin provided in your acceptance letter.

    • Affirm the Geneseo Code of Conduct (if not completed previously).

    • Within Knightweb , pay your $150 tuition deposit and $150 housing deposit**.

    • You should then be presented with a page displaying your Geneseo username and password. The page will include instructions for logging into your account and resetting your password.

**How your housing deposit will affect your housing assignment:

We will place you in residence hall rooms according to your housing deposit date.  This means that, if you paid your housing deposit before most other new students, you will be placed in your residence hall before most other new students, and it is likelier that we will be able to accommodate your housing preferences.   Students who pay their housing deposits the latest may be assigned to expanded occupany rooms.  



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