Residential Communities

Residential College Houses: Dante House, Writers House, EcoHouse, and tesla house

residential communities: nassau Arts community and the *new* medical interest group (MIG) 

Geneseo currently has four residential college houses: Dante House, Writers House, EcoHouse, Tesla House, and the Nassau Hall Arts Community.  Students have to apply to live in Residential College Souses because they want to live in a tight-knit community and share common interests.  RC students have regular house events together in a private dining room in one of the dining halls.  Each community has Residential Fellows (faculty, staff, or community members) that visit with students frequently, providing a great opportunity to extend connections beyond the classroom.  Residents in each house actively plan events together and set community standards for the house.  

Geneseo has two designated Residential Communities that have a less formal application process than the Residential College Houses.  The residential communities are interest-based and look to unite different majors and different class years into a common pursuit of knowledge and application of that knowledge.  These communities also have Residential Fellows that help to guide and engage residents outside of the classroom.

All six of these communities offer a different and unique experience for residential students to help them connect with students, faculty, staff, and community members that share their interests and passions and will help them develop.  Geneseo hopes to grow our Residential Communities through student input and interest.  Although the above are definitely interest-affinity residences, we are not looking for "theme houses," per se.  Each of these housing groups are distinguished by the community they create and the welcoming environment encouraged by residents' interactions with faculty and staff fellows.

Residential College Houses

Please click on the links for more information about each house.  Interested students may apply to live in any of the houses, but should indicate their preference on their applications.

Dante House is a house for first-year students only.  Every Fall semester, about 1/3 of the 100 spaces are saved for first-year Edgar Fellows.  About 1/3 are reserved for new, first-year international students.  And about 1/3 of the residents of Dante House apply for the house because they want an environment that sustains interest in global ideas and service while providing a supportive space for students who want to study together in a smaller, quieter residence hall.

Writers House is a community of students from all class years.  WH residents share an interest in and commitment to writing--whether creative writing, journalism, song-writing, or blogging.  WH residents come from all majors.

EcoHouse provides a space for students who are interested in issues of sustainability and social justice to live together.  Because the house just opened in Fall 2010, residents will have the opportunity to create EcoHouse traditions and to find a way for their collective "sustainabilty and social justice" brain trust to help Geneseo grow as an environmentally-friendly college.  EH residents come from all majors.

Tesla House provides 60 places in Monroe Hall are reserved for first years who intend to major in Geological Sciences, Physics, or Early Childhood Education.  We want to engage the community in topics outside of the classroom and as we explore science in light of ethical-decision making, creative expression, and social responsibility.

Because space is  limited in each house, residents hold each other to high standards.  Residents who do not share the values of their communities may be asked to move to another residence.  But if you enjoy Writers House or EcoHouse, you may "homestead" in your house for multiple years.

Residential Communities

Nassau Hall is a community of students who have an interest in the Fine Arts and Performing Arts.  NH residents engage in the arts in a variety of ways: decorating Nassau Hall itself, organizing dance and music events, running workshops from ballroom dance to knitting, collaborating with faculty, and much more.  There is no application process for Nassau and it open to all years.  Come and explore your artistic side with us in Nassau!

NEW: The Medical Interest Group (MIG) is a community of students from all class years.   MIG Residents will share an interest in the field of health and will work together on initiatives designed to promote healthy living along with the varying jobs and needs in the medical field.  Any student planning on working in health services is encouraged to apply regardless of major.

"right for me" campaign

In an effort to portray life in our Residential College Houses as accurately as possible, we talked to students who reside in these communities.  They generously agreed to share their stories with you; you can read them by visiting our "Right For Me" campaign web page.  As you think about where you might want to live at Geneseo, we encourage you to consider whether any of these communities would be right for you.


Future Rc houses

Please contact the Dean of Residential Living if you would like to work on the expansion of the RC house system.