Residential Education

As much as you will learn through your classroom experiences at Geneseo, we believe that you can learn outside of the classroom, too.  Your RAs and professional staff members work together to create educational experiences in your residence halls and throughout the campus community -- we term this "residential education".  Whether by navigating through a difficult conversation with your roommate, challenging your views about diversity and privilege, or maintaining your physical and emotional health, you are learning constantly. 

We are confident that you will not find that learning strips your residence hall experience of all fun.  Instead, this learning will only serve to accentuate your residential experience that much more.  Our residence halls are unique communities -- only in a residence hall can you meet so many other people, so alike yet different from you at the same time.  You will develop relationships with others which might last for the rest of your life.     


Residence Hall Learning Outcomes:

We try to plan programs and experiences which will allow you to acquire certain knowledge and skills.  Our Residential Education Learning Outcomes document details what we hope you will learn during your residential experience.  Each residence hall or Residential College House has selected different learning focuses for the 2011 - 2012 academic year, but all students will be working towards becoming engaged community members, both within and outside of their residence halls.  This is our shared learning outcome.  The document also lists which residence halls and Houses will be focusing on each learning outcome.


Program Series:

Through the years, we have developed several program series which are designed to meet specific needs, such as supporting the transitions of new transfer students, career planning, sustaining healthy lifestyles, and cooking skills.  All Geneseo students are welcome to attend these events, so feel free to come and bring a friend!


Life After Geneseo:

The Life After Geneseo program was created to assist students in the process of transitioning out of Geneseo post-graduation.  All events are hosted by guests or Geneseo alumni, faculty, and staff.  To learn more about the Life After Geneseo events, go to



The YouBelong program series was created to assist new transfer students in their transition to Geneseo.  Click here for the YourBelong website.  To view a poster featuring the Spring 2014 YouBelong events, click here.  Maybe you'll even consider becoming a fan of YouBelong on Facebook!