Writers House
A Residential College House in Seneca Hall

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of events/activities occur in Writers House?
Ø  The residents of Writers House have the unique opportunity to make their own decisions about what they want from their experience in the hall.  Activities to anticipate are hall poetry readings, open mic nights, book clubs, presentations by visiting writers, hall newsletter, blogs, etc.  Weekly house dinners provide an opportunity to gather with the community and occur every Wednesday at 5:30pm. Residents also have the opportunity to interact closely with fellows, who include faculty and staff of varying interests.
Who are the residents of Writers House?
Ø  Writers House is open to Geneseo students of all classes.  The make-up of each class each year will be as close to 25% of the hall as possible (Approximately 20 Freshman, 20 Sophomores, 20 Juniors, 20 Seniors).   
Do I have to be an English Major to live in Writers House?
Ø  No.  Writers House is open to all types of writers studying all types of majors.  Ideally the house will be made up of residents of various degrees and disciplines.
What kind of rooms are in Seneca Hall?
Ø  The rooms in Seneca Hall are 4 person suites.  Each suite consists of two double rooms, a foyer, shower, vanity and bathroom.   To see a floor plan of Seneca Hall, click here.  To see pictures of Seneca Hall, click here.
Do I need to apply with a roommate/suitemates?
Ø  No, unlike general suite selection, which requires you to come in with your suitemates already selected, students apply and are selected for residency in Seneca Hall as individuals.  If accepted, you will be filling out a Rooming Preference Sheet, so if you do not have a roommate in mind, we will use your responses to these questions to find someone compatible.
Will I be able to choose my roommate/suitemates?
Ø  If chosen to live in the Seneca Hall Writers House, you will have the option to select your roommate, however, this individual must have also applied and been selected for residency in Writers House.
Will I have the option to homestead in Writers House for future years?
Ø  Yes.  Once accepted into Writers House, residents will be permitted to homestead in the hall for as long as they continue to be a supportive member of the community.
Does it cost more to live in Writers House?
Ø  No, there is no special rate.  It is the same housing rate as any other residence hall on campus (excluding Saratoga Townhouses).
What if I have more questions about Writers House?
Ø  Please contact Area Coordinator Victoria Gebel, gebel@geneseo.edu, 245-5775, or in her office in Ontario Hall.