Wyoming Hall

Wyoming HallWyoming Hall is a suite-style building located on the north side of campus.

There is a total of three laundry rooms in Wyoming Hall, with one laundry room located in the C-section of each floor. In addition, every section is equipped with a kitchenette supplied with a stove, oven, and counter area, as well as a quiet study room. Wyoming has 24 six-person suites and 6 eight-person suites.

Wyoming Hall features optional break housing for qualifying students, so Wyoming is a popular housing choice for international students and athletes who remain on campus during winter and spring breaks.

You can view the floor plans for a typical quad area in Wyoming HERE.  These may not be to scale.

 Area Coordinator: Karen Duerr-Clark (585) 245 -5781 

Service Desk Phone: x4004 
(Reachable from on-campus only)