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Greek Anniversary Celebrations

Reunion 2015 - IGC 100th Anniversary Celebration(s) Planning Guide – FAQ

Is this a celebration for every Greek organization?
  • Yes, all Greek organizations (including closed and dormant chapters) are encouraged to attend the 100th Anniversary of Inter-Greek Council and the celebration of Greek Life at Geneseo.
How many fraternities and sororities are there in Geneseo’s history?
  • Our records indicate that since Greek life started on campus there have been a total of: 18 fraternities, 17 sororities and 1 co-ed fraternity
Will there be a specific celebration for just my fraternity/sorority?
  • The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations will focus efforts on planning for all-alumni activities, including: All-Alumni Happy Hour, 50th Class Reunion Activities, Alumni Colleges, First Annual Alumni Block Party and much more.  We have met with representatives from each organization at a recent IGC meeting and presented each with the option to host a chapter specific reunion. The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations is ready to provide as much support as possible to organizations planning chapter specific reunions (priority given to chapters celebrating milestone anniversaries) but will need the lion’s share of the work to fall to the chapter’s active members in the follwing ways:
    1. Recruiting and working with alumni volunteers in the planning process
    2. Establishing a budget for their chapter and staying within that budget
    3. Working with the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations to secure a date, time and venue
    4. Securing student volunteers to attend and work Reunion (June 5-6)
      • This might include finding a place to stay for the weekend, arranging to stay at the chapter house or bunking in with active sisters who live near Geneseo.
    5. Using social media to promote reunion, identifying  and recruiting more alumni volunteers and re-connecting with lost alumni
    6. Planning for the actual reunion event (chapter history, memorabilia on display, alumni recognition, state of the chapter today, ice breaker activities, name tags, etc). This work will be very similar to planning other Alumni Activities and Recruitment Events.
  • Chapters (and/or alumni volunteers) will need to decide by February 13th if they want to officially organize a chapter specific reunion. Chapter specific reunions announced by this date will be included in Reunion marketing efforts and included as part of online reunion registration and the website.
Which organizations are currently planning to host chapter specific reunions?
  • Confirmed as of 1/23/15
    1. AGO (Alpha Kappa Phi) Sorority – 130th Anniversary
    2. Sigma Kappa Sorority – 25th Anniversary
  • Unconfirmed as of 1/23/15
    1. DK (Delta Kappa Tau) Fraternity – non-milestone
    2. Prometheus/Phi Kap Fraternity – non-milestone
    3. Sig Ep (Sigma Phi/Theta Epsilon) Fraternity – would be 35th Anniversary
    4. AOPi (Alpha Omega Pi) Sorority – 30th Anniversary
What if my chapter is closed and there are no active members to plan a chapter specific reunion for my organization?
  • The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations will provide additional support for any organization in this position. The only requirement is that at least 3-4 alumni volunteers have already been identified and are ready to assist with the planning efforts (see chapter responsibilities above).
Will I need to decide between attending the all-alumni events and my chapter specific reunion?
  • We have made every effort to carve out enough time for multiple chapter specific reunions to be hosted over the weekend but not overlap with other reunion programs.  This does not mean that some organizations won’t book additional activities throughout the weekend.
Will I still have a good time at Reunion even if my organization isn’t planning a chapter specific reunion?
  • The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations is completely confident that Greek alumni will have a fantastic time at Reunion, even if their organization is not planning a specific chapter reunion. We are planning several all-alumni events during the weekend and this is a perfect time to connect with fellow alumni from your chapter and other friends from your time at Geneseo.