Summer 2011: D.I.G. (Discovering the Iroquois in Geneseo) Camp

This summer, RYSAG meets Indiana Jones

Interior of a Seneca LonghouseThe film series surrounding the adventures of Indiana Jones suggests a professional journey filled with excitement, discovery and intrigue. Although students may be unfamiliar with the field of archaeology, they may be big fans of the fictional archaeologist. Though D.I.G. will not include hair-raising, teeth-clenching dives, swoops, and falls (a la Indiana Jones) while trying to claim historic treasures, students will "dig " into Native American history as they investigate, analyze and present findings regarding an archaeological site believed to be the location of a prehistoric hunting camp - an adventure in itself. 

Students will participate in three courses: Excavation, Archaeology/Numerics Lab and History, Research and Rhetoric.

Through these courses, students will learn to: excavate an archaeological dig; identify evidence; document the site using digital photography, global positioning system (GPS) mapping and mathematical analyses; think critically to connect clues through contextual and cultural hints, library-based research and scientific method in an archaeology lab; use state-of-the-art technology; and practice and improve public speaking skills by creating a museum exhibit to be presented to interested stakeholders.

After classes, students will engage in recreational activities such as basketball, soccer, dance, music and headquarter time. 

Evenings will include book readings, movies, music, step dance, and many other special activities.

Each of the partners plays an essential role in making this experience possible. The RYSAG is a licensed summer youth camp provider. The Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education is the primary contact for all "DIG" camp activities at SUNY Geneseo. The RYSAG faculty committee directs the camp and is comprised of SUNY Geneseo and RCSD officials. Geneseo undergraduate students, as well as RCSD staff will participate as counselors and teachers, as part of the SUNY Geneseo Xerox Center's mission to promote multicultural education at Geneseo.

Please call 585-245-5129 or -5561 for more information, or e-mail