partygoersParty Thrower Checklist

Host Checklist

Here are some simple ways to keep your party fun and friendly. As a host you are responsible for the safety and welfare of your guests. Familiarize yourself with local policies and laws, including the Village's new Social Host Law.

Before the Party

checkPlan your guest list and site for hosting the event. Set your Facebook event invitation to private to keep your party on your terms.

checkFor a big event, obtain a Noise Permit Application from the Village of Geneseo.

checkDesignate sober host(s) to monitor the event.

checkLet your neighbors know that you’ll be throwing a party and give them contact information so they’ll call a sober host before they

  call the police.

checkCoordinate having sober monitors check IDs* at the main entrance of the party and throughout the event.

    • Acceptable forms of ID with age information include valid driver license, state-issued ID and U.S. active-duty military ID.

checkPlan to serve water, non-alcoholic drinks and provide substantial snacks (popcorn and chips are not sufficient).

checkCoordinate parking so that it is in compliance with the law.

checkPlan to protect your house from spills, dirt, and other damage.

Day of the Party

checkHave one main entrance and monitor other access routes such as windows to regulate who you want at the party.

checkClose doors to bedrooms and private areas to protect your personal belongings and property.

checkKeep the party people and drinks inside the residence.

checkHave sober monitors to check ID’s, watch your guests for possible signs of alcohol poisoning and stop service of alcohol to

  intoxicated guests and those acting with aggressive behavior.

checkCall 911 (on campus, call 245-5222) if your party starts to get out of control.

checkMake sure your guests get home safely! Plan to have DDs available or give local transportation a call. Remember, as a party

  host, you’re liable for the actions of people who leave your party intoxicated.

After the Party

checkClean up any trash surrounding your place and anything that has spilled over to a neighbor’s property.

checkCheck in with your neighbors to hear feedback on the party.

checkCelebrate the success of a safe and fun party!