Emergency Drill Underway

Emergency Disaster Drill undereway on campus. Evacuate South, Welles, Frazier, Doty Halls and Saratoga Townhouses. All non-essential personnel go to designated evacuation areas on north and south campus. All classes, events and activities canceled for the rest of the day.

This communication only applies to this planning exercise.


Campus Personal Safety Committee Members

The Campus Personal Safety Committee at SUNY Geneseo is comprised of students, faculty, and staff members.  If you have any questions or concerns about campus safety, feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below.

Sal Simonetti, Chief of University Police, Chair, simonetti@geneseo.edu

Patricia Gonzalez, EOP Counselor, gonzalez@geneseo.edu

Sandra Yates, Nurse, Student Health and Counseling, yates@geneseo.edu

Kevin Hahn, Associate Director of Residence Life, hahn@geneseo.edu

Tamara Kenney, Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct and Community Standards, kenneyt@geneseo.edu

Aaron Heap, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, heap@geneseo.edu

Dave Norton, Acting Director, Facilities Planning and Construction, norton@geneseo.edu

Holly Kandel, Student and Resident Assistant of Onondaga Hall, hnk1@geneseo.edu

Lexi Athens, Student and Resident Assistant of Onondaga Hall, ata2@geneseo.edu