2016-17 College-Wide Scholarships Application Criteria

Instructions: Write a concise and well-written response below addressing the following topics. Your total statement must be no more than two pages, single-spaced.

Academic Achievement
1. List the academic awards or honors you have earned.
2. Select your most significant academic achievements in college and explain why you consider those achievements to be major accomplishments.

Contributions to College Life
1. List the extracurricular activities in which you have been actively involved in the past two years and identify your role in each activity. (If this is your first year on campus, you can refer to high school or previous college when responding.)
2. Describe your most important contributions to those activities and the impact they have had on college life.

1. List the leadership positions you have held and the time periods of involvement.
2. Describe the impact your leadership had on each group or activity in which you were involved.

Personal Motivation, Attributes and Future Plans
1. Describe what motivates you and why.
2. Describe your most important attribute and provide an example to illustrate that attribute.
3. Comment on your immediate plans following graduation.
4. Identify the career area that is of greatest interest to you at this time. Explain why you are interested in this area.